I consider myself to be a rather content, happy and a socially engaged person. I love meeting people and enjoy healthy conversations. Like 70% of humans on this planet I’ve engaged myself in social media and have connected as well as been driven by a community of strong women, many of whom are also entrepreneurs. But, somehow lately, I’ve been feeling distant and not so social. I feel a need to be by myself, reclusive and in solitude. Reason?? Well, I lost my only parent, my Dad a week before Father's Day and since then I’ve been lost, confused with all these rising and sinking emotions. I tried to take control of it because that’s what tough women do but, as time goes by I have realized that I am losing control of myself and things around me.

I am not one to write about my personal loss and grief online but you know what they say….WRITE THAT SHIT DOWN !! It might seem as an outlet but frankly I am reaching out to others who have lost and grieved. I have been reminded through the women in my team that, they have all lost not only due to death but due to forcefully having to flee, leaving behind not just belongings but also loved ones near and dear to them. I recently learned that one of my team members, an Iranian woman lost her dad last year and she was not able to go for his funeral. Reason being that families seeking refugee asylum in the United States are not allowed to leave the US for 5 years after entering. Obviously the time varies from country to country.  I could not believe what I was hearing.  Basically you flee knowing that you may never return for loved ones. She still questions her actions and grieves the loss.

As we continue to find that strength within we are all living in a time with so much uncertainty and as humans we all grieve for families in times of increasing conflict with a fragile hope of a better future. Maybe its empathy that connects us or maybe we just want to fix things and make it right, for us and our children. 

Even though this loss will stay with me forever it is up to me to make it a positive learning that guides me through my journey. I want to thank everyone for their on going support and I promise you the rest of this year will be amazing as we continue this journey together changing lives, spreading love, happiness and fulfillment.

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