I believe that a community is only as good as the people living in it. How many of us can say that we grew up in a community that has over the years helped us develop a healthy dependence on others and a sense of unity, that together we can accomplish more? And are we as humans today searching for that nurturing connection or relationships in communities that are essential for our wellbeing?

Today, millennials live life differently detached from material things. They seek meaningful experiences over a house mortgage or a car. They are even willing to take a pay cut to be part of a bigger solution and working with companies that share their personal values or something more valuable. According to the Deloitte Survey research more than 7,700 Millennials spanning 29 countries, 84% of Millennials believe it is their duty to change the world. This has to call for a GLOBAL COMMUNITY. It’s a movement and I am so excited to be living in this time.

I grew up in a culturally rich and loving community that helped shape and mold my values and inclusion is a huge part of it for me. Imagine being part of a community where you are welcomed, loved, cherished and supported no matter what your ethnicity or financial background. Imagine if we had conversations with people because sharing experiences and learning about different cultures/backgrounds with another human is far more enriching than spending time on our phones. By inclusion I mean access to jobs with fair pay, decent shelter, effective schools and reliable health care. The most instant reaction of anyone living in such a community would be to GIVE. Give their time and support because they are receiving, and in turn you are building trust in a community that is safe and enriching the lives of future generations.

At NEOCOCO we see change is an opportunity to do something amazing. Our intention is to help create jobs for women refugees entering the United States overwhelmed with circumstances and an unpredictable future. Families have been fleeing their countries due of war, famine and an unforeseen future. Many of them live in Los Angeles and they want to be welcomed and are eager to contribute to society and their community. Working with NEOCOCO helps these women assimilate into society and contribute. We go beyond just giving these women employment or a way to earn money. We want to be a part of the solution, and hence we work hard at building relationships with each and every Neococo woman. Every hand embroidered t-shirt is a representation of the woman who embroiders it, giving her back independence and dignity.

We only hope that by building this strong community of women we can save other women from the isolation and the fear they face when they arrive in the United States. Finding each other and having a place they can call home. Putting their energy and focus on building a better future for their kids and families. Together by building a community we can put some order in the fragmented world we call HOME.

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