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The Birth of a Vision - First Generation South Asian Entrepreneurs and the Inception of a South Asian Music Festival

In the heart of New York City, a vibrant tapestry of cultures, a new sound is emerging!

A group of determined first generation South Asian entrepreneurs : Pankti Doshi, Ramya Baratam and Raghav Mehrish is working tirelessly to introduce the world to a groundbreaking musical experience: MASALA MIXTAPE ; the first-ever South Asian music festival, aiming to become the South Asian Coachella.

The Seed of an Idea

For these pioneering entrepreneurs, the journey began with a shared vision—a desire to create a platform that celebrates South Asian music, art, and culture in a way that has never been done before.This festival is their response to that challenge, a manifestation of their determination to bridge cultural gaps and offer a space where South Asian heritage can shine on a grand stage.

The Power of Community

The support from the community is testimony that people were craving such an experience. Local artists, musicians, and volunteers rallied behind the festival, offering their time and talents. This grassroots support was crucial in building the festival's credibility and generating buzz. The entrepreneurs tapped into the power of social media, creating a digital presence that highlighted not just the festival but the stories of the artists involved and their triumphs.

Curating the Experience

A significant part of their determination was reflected in the meticulous planning and curation of the festival. They wanted to ensure that the event was not just a concert but a holistic cultural experience. Under the And/Aur framework they have been showcasing traditional music and dance performances to contemporary fusion acts, the lineup was designed to showcase the diversity and richness of South Asian culture. Food stalls featuring regional delicacies, art installations, and workshops on traditional crafts were all part of the plan, making the festival a sensory journey through South Asia.

A Legacy in the Making

Their very first event in New York exceeded their expectations from 200-300 people to over 800 people. The success of the festival was not just in the numbers but in the impact it had on the community. It was a celebration of identity, a statement of pride, and a showcase of what determination and unity in artistry can achieve. For the entrepreneurs, it was the realization of a dream, but also just the beginning. They now aim to make this an annual event, growing it bigger and better each year, with aspirations of it becoming the definitive South Asian music festival, the South Asian Coachella.

Watch the entire video here.

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