Handcrafted by resettling refugee women

Cotton Baby Blankets

Empowerment through Employment

Neococo is a mission-driven lifestyle company founded for the sole purpose of creating jobs for women refugees through the art of hand embroidery and handicrafts. We create unique handcrafted products, celebrate culture and believe in amplifying voices.

Our mission is to ensure that every woman who has been displaced has the opportunity to regain their dignity and independence through employment.

Team Neococo. Resettlement agencies partner with programs creating employment opportunities for refugees and displaced women. Empowering women through employment. Hand crafted, hand woven, embroidered pieces.

Helping women start a new life

Neococo provides equitable work for internationally displaced refugee women.

Formation Tee made from 100% bamboo. Neococo is a socially responsible apparel company that employs displaced women through the art of hand embroidery. Locally sourced and manufactured in Los Angeles. Handmade by women refugees.

Hope Is Unlimited

People Before Profits

Neococo is designed to empower women refugees resettling in the United States with jobs, through the art of hand embroidery. 

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Unique Home goods that are made in small batches. Made and sourced in Los Angeles. Socially responsible apparel company that creates jobs for women refugees through hand embroidery. Hand woven furniture. Bar stools and bed side tables.

Forever Impact

Good at Home

Feel at home with a selection of home goods that are beautifully handcrafted by Refugees resettling in the United States. Inspired by local designs, each product is made using a skill set that has been carried down through generations.

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Crochet bags made by women refugees and displaced women. Hand embroidery designs. Leather factories in Los Angeles. Empowerment through employment.Handcrafted bags.

Modern design with a human touch

Everyday Essentials

Accessories as essentials that can be worn all year round while 100% of proceeds from your purchase are directed towards our mission to continue creating jobs for refugees entering the United States.

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I've been loving the feminine, hand-embroidered designs from this brand, each sewn by women refugees.