Amrita Thadani

NEOCOCO is expanding our product line to include more diverse products that reflect our global community and embrace its beauty. 

As you may know, we are rooted in slow fashion; which means that this transition has been a mindful choice, and our products will be crafted with the highest of quality and intention. 

Thus, we are so excited to introduce our first home product design, The Woven Rope Stool


Woven Stools

This stool is made with %100 cotton rope and hand woven. It includes a high quality and sturdy, custom hardwood design that inspires both simplicity and uniquity. 

This stool was inspired by cultures within our community. Two of our team members from Afghanistan happen to be skilled wood workers, and when speaking to them about their love of the craft, we knew it was time to grow and embrace their skill sets. 


Every refugee deserves the opportunity to find empowerment and feel safe. One of the most effective ways to lift someone up is through financial independence.

This has opened our eyes to even more possibilities than we could have imagined. We recently took a trip to Fiji where we learned more about how a single item can include deeply rooted cultural values, and made with intention. 

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We will never stop building our NEOCOCO community. 

XO Neococo

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