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Slow Fashion

At Neococo, we’re committed to setting a new standard of “normal” in the fashion industry. Slow, intentional design is the core of our operations.

The hand embroidery process at Neococo is the definition of slow fashion. It’s a traditional, time-consuming art that requires careful attention to detail. This “one stitch at a time” process is our way of celebrating handcrafted art, promoting ethics, longevity, and human prosperity, and remaining a brand that consumers can trust and believe in.

Fair Wages

Neococo is built upon the “people before profits” mindset, and everyone involved is paid a fair wage. Our goal is to empower refugee and displaced women to regain their independence and dignity, and financial stability is a huge part of that. That’s why 100% of our revenue is directed back into the company, and many of the women on our team have been able to regain financial independence.

Our Factories

To reduce our carbon footprint and ensure intention + involvement at every step of our production process, we use locally sourced and manufactured materials. Our factories are located right here in Los Angeles. We visit our factories regularly to ensure safe + ethical practices.

Longevity: Wash + Care Guide

It goes without saying that we care about the longevity of these garments — for you, the women of Neococo, and the planet. Here are some recommendations for how to wash hand-embroidered clothes:

1. Only wash when you really need to!

2. Machine wash cold. Air dry.

3. Dry clean if suggested.