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At Neococo, we’re in the business of social impact. We embody what it truly means to put people before profits. We believe that displaced and refugee women deserve to feel at home, and we’re honored to provide them with community and support that makes them feel safe, empowered, and hopeful.

Building Community

Women and their families who once lived happy, fulfilling lives back home are forced to uproot to protect their families from war and conflict. When they arrive in the United States, not only do they struggle with barriers such as language, technology, and transportation — they struggle with rebuilding their community and sense of belonging.

At Neococo, we’re honored to give these women the opportunity to learn and grow and a safe haven to build new relationships — with other women and themselves. Not only does their work at Neococo promote self-love. It allows them to feel pride when they have the opportunity to teach new women their expertise and see people wearing their art.

Those feelings of self-love, pride, and community are priceless.

Neococo Team

Ibtisam / Sandra

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Neococo Community

Amy / Juliette / Ibtisam / Amrita / Sandra

Success Stories

Ibtisam joined Neococo through the IRC in 2016. When she joined Neococo, she had a dream of living a simple life, keeping her family together and safe, and providing each of her sons with a well-deserved education and a bright future.

When Ibtisam started working with Neococo, she lived in a studio apartment with her two sons. After 12 months of steady income, she was able to afford a new studio space for herself and her younger son, giving her older son the space he needed.

Ibtisam always says that her experience at Neococo has been life-changing. The happiness she feels when she sees someone smile in her Neococo artwork and the pride she feels when she trains and inspires new team members — are more important to her than money.