Founder - Amrita Thadani

Before NEOCOCO, Amrita graduated from the Parsons School of Design, The New School, and worked as a Fashion Stylist for 15 years. She spent most of her weekends volunteering with resettlement organizations which immediately opened her eyes to the magnitude of the refugee crisis. While interacting with many displaced + refugee women, Amrita took the time to carefully listen to their stories surrounding oppression, women’s rights, racism, and sexism and understand their needs. She quickly learned that refugees still face massive challenges after receiving asylum — some of which include finding housing, overcoming language barriers, adjusting to a different culture, securing a job, surviving on food stamps, and using transportation. With hopes of making a positive difference, Amrita founded NEOCOCO in the fall of 2017. Starting a social impact company that empowers women through community, femininity, and hand embroidery has allowed Amrita to combine her fashion experience with a cause that’s very close to her heart.

Success Story

Ibtisam joined Neococo through the IRC in 2018.Ibtisam says that her experience at Neococo has been life-changing.The happiness she feels when she sees someone smile in her Neococo artwork and the pride she feels when she trains and inspires new team members — are more important to her than money.


For most of the womxn on the Neococo team, hand embroidery is not just an art form — it’s a family tradition that’s been passed down through generations. For the Neococo women, hand embroidery has served as a channel of self-expression, creativity, and autonomy.

It has Therapeutic Effects

Hand embroidery is the definition of slow fashion — it requires a calm, focused mind. The sharp, fine motor skills and concentration needed for hand embroidery leave little room for chaotic thoughts and worries. It acts as an opportunity for the Neococo women to slow down, reset their intentions, focus on the present moment, and revel in the beauty of their own work.

It Allows for Personal Expression

Every single hand embroidery pattern represents the unique woman who crafted it. Every Neococo t-shirt serves as a medium of self-expression that transcends conflict, abuse, and hardship and shines a new light of hope. Every completed design tells a unique story and serves as a symbol of expression, independence, and pride for the woman behind it. 

Your Neococo purchase is a gesture offeminine unity— contributing to equity, financial freedom, andhope for resettled displaced women.

Slow Fashion

At Neococo, we’re committed to setting a new standard of “normal” in the fashion industry. Slow, intentional design is the core of our operations.

The hand embroidery process at Neococo is the definition of slow fashion. It’s a traditional, time-consuming art that requires careful attention to detail. This “one stitch at a time” process is our way of celebrating handcrafted art, promoting ethics, longevity, and human prosperity, and remaining a brand that consumers can trust and believe in.

  • Fair Wages

    Neococo is built upon the “people before profits” mindset, and everyone involved is paid a fair living wage.

  • Our Factories

    Made in USA. To reduce our carbon footprint and ensure intention + involvement at every step of our production process by using locally sourced and manufactured materials. We work with factories located right here in Los Angeles.